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If you know me from real life, deviantART, or another social network I frequent, or even if you are a friend of a friend, please feel free to ask.
I will always reply back as quickly as I can. <3

Due to bad experiences in the past, my privacy is of the utmost importance to me here. Please respect my desires.
Do not use or distribute any of the information in this journal without my permission.
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steampunk sapphirine

New Profile Here and on DeviantART

Hey guys!

Just stopping in to say I just finished putting together a new profile here and on deviantART. I made some buttons and banners, and I'm very pleased with all of them and how they have turned out. I also made a new Friends Only banner for my journal as well. Check it out! :D

Before I leave here are a couple advertisements I put together for Sanguem Deus and the contest I'm hosting on deviantART. Your support always means a lot to me.



Stay awesome folks, and thanks for reading!
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steampunk sapphirine

My Decision Is Made - FRIEND CUT!

So after much thought I decided I'm definitely coming back to this account. I've gone by touched_venus/touchedvenus for so long I'm a bit attached to the username.

I moved all my icons over here and changed the journal layout to look like what I have at kamishininoyari.

The big question now is.... who is still watching this account?

Please respond to this journal entry if you would like to remain/be on my watch list. You have until AUGUST 22ND before I clean the list up adding and removing people.

Please, it's been a while since I've been here so if we haven't talked in a long time you might need to remind me who you are. My memory isn't the best in the world and I apologize for that. Usually with a nice jog I can recall things, so feel free to remind me how we met.

I'm looking forward to finalizing my return. I've missed you guys. <3

Loving Regards,
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